Ever Wonder Who Cool Country Gal Is?
This is Me In a Nut Shell. 

My Bio.

A Picture of Me and Toby-Taken in York, PA Sept. 12, 2002
Thanks to Dreamworks Dreamteam for the Opportunity.

Full Name: Christy Dively
Born: November 25, 1971
Born in: Cleveland, OH 
Raised On A Farm In: PA
Age: 30 Years Young and Counting
Where I Live: In PA
Marital Status: Married
Hobbies: Writing Songs, Poetry, Sports, Hunting and Fishing,

Interests: Sports, Motor Sports, Toby Keith, Country Music, and Horses,
                Not necessarily in that order.

Favorite Colors: Purple, Blue
Favorite Foods: My Only Bad Habit: Chocolate, Pizza, Mexican, 
                       Most Favorite: Good Country Cookin' and My Cookin'
Favorite Movies: Any Jim Carrey movies, Gone With The Wind.
                          Like Comedies and Dramas 
Favorite Animals: Horses of course, dogs and Cockatiels
My Pet: Sam a 8 year old Cockateil
My Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Music: Toby Keith Of Course, I Love Country and Dig Rock
Favorite Albums: Unleashed-Toby Keith, Pull My Chain-Toby Keith,
                          Greatest Hits Vol. 1-Toby Keith, How Do You Like Me
                          Now?-Toby Keith,
Poison's Greatest Hits-Poison,
                          Bon Jovi-All of Their Albums, George Strait-Strait
                          Out of The Box Collection. There is a bunch of others.
                          I Never limit myself when it comes to music.
Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a Published Poet, Helping Others,
                                       Meeting Toby Keith and Joining the Dreamteam.
Favorite Quote: "You Have to Like Yourself Before Someone Else Can"
Best Advice I Ever Got: All of It, the Only Bad Advice I Have Ever Been
                                     Given Is The Advice Not Spoken.
Advice To You: "God Has All The Answers"